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Polytec Products is a contract machine shop serving the precision machining requirements of California's high technology industries. We elicit contracts in precision machine work in both metals and plastics as well as in mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies. From prototype through Kanban deliveries for production, we strive to provide our customers with service that exceeds their expectations for quality and value. To meet our customers' needs, Polytec contracts with selected high-quality subcontractors for services outside our specialty, such as plating, painting and laser engraving.

The layout of Polytec's 12,000 square-foot facility was specifically designed for manufacturing efficiency, quality and flexibility to satisfy the increasing and evolving requirements of our customers. In addition, the assembly and inspection areas have been physically isolated from the machine shop in a completely enclosed climate-controlled room.

In October 2000, Polytec became ISO 9002 certified. Of greater importance is the attitude of pride in quality and dependability at Polytec, which is reflected in a low rejection rate and consistently high customer satisfaction.

The management of Polytec brings with it over 100 years of experience, embracing financial and manufacturing management, machining, product engineering and process engineering. Employees are carefully selected and trained to ensure high quality, on-time production at attractive prices. This combination enhances Polytec's reputation for dependability.

New equipment is constantly being added to enable our plant to perform at the highest possible level.

Also available are names of customers who may be contacted as references to our abilities.

Your inquiries will be answered promptly  with competitive prices.

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